Become a Camp Counsellor, Camp Specialist or Camp Leader with Camp America

Are you interested in learning about other cultures? Dying to get out of Australia and see some new places and faces? Perhaps you’re looking for something to do during your gap year? If you feel you have what it takes to be a dynamic leader in a camp counsellor program, we have the perfect opportunity for you at Camp America.

Going to America on a summer camp counsellor program is a rewarding experience. You’ll work alongside peers from several different nationalities, and gain exposure to the different customs and beliefs. This kind of submersion is priceless when it comes to building a repertoire that future universities and employers will value.

Cultural awareness in today’s world gives you an edge in your education and future employment opportunities. Overseas work experience boosts your CV and helps you get noticed in a crowd of applicants.

We are looking for unique, energy filled individuals who are ready to experience American culture first hand. So if you’d like to go to the USA with Camp America this summer and believe you have what it takes, contact us today.