American Summer Camp Jobs Available

The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS Australia) offers American summer camp jobs for young adults looking to travel for part of the summer. American summer camp jobs are ideal for students who wish to do something terrific with their summer breaks, for filling part of the gap year, or for any young adult who wants the opportunity to travel. At Camp America, camp counsellor work is available mentoring children and teens and leading group activities. Our camps run from as short as a week to as long as nine weeks to fit any summer schedule.

For those who are not interested in an American summer camp jobs, we offer another opportunity for young women to be placed with a family. Au Pair runs for twelve months and offers young women the chance to live with an American family with meals and pocket money provided in exchange for providing childcare. This is a live-in nanny position – except you get to live in America, immersed in a completely different culture. This opportunity cannot be missed, and works very well for students looking to travel during their gap year.

At AIFS Australia, we offer incredible opportunities for young people to work and travel to another country. We are visa sponsors with the American government and provide meals and medical insurance for those participating in both Camp America and Au Pair. We have been organising foreign exchange programs since the 1960s, and our staff is available to provide support 24/7. Applications for the 2016 season are now open. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience.