Participate in an American Working Holiday Program During Gap Year

So, you haven’t decided what to do with your gap year yet? Maybe you haven’t even decided if you should take a gap year or not. You’ve worked hard to get yourself prepared for higher education and maybe delving in is the best choice for you. Maybe so, but taking a gap year can be time to recharge before beginning the strenuous studies university has waiting. If you decide to take a gap year, we have an ideal opportunity.

It’s not too late to apply to be a camp counsellor in America and have a working holiday. The Camp America program has a long-standing history of giving Australians the cultural experience of a lifetime. We’ve been providing American working holidays to Australian’s since 1972. There are never any hidden fees, and you get a guaranteed placement or your money back. Going abroad can be fraught with anxiety, but you can rest assured when dealing with our program. We’ve been around for 45 years and have offices in both America and Australia which means you have access to our team for the entirety of your program rather than being handed over to a third party. Our team will take great care of you, and ensure you have an American working holiday to remember.

Enjoy a 9 Week Summer Camp US Adventure

Experience America through a working holiday program that gives you the opportunity to interact with people from all over the globe. Those interactions give you priceless experience and knowledge about other cultures and their beliefs and practices. It’s an American holiday that will give you an edge in the competitive working world. Potential employers will value someone who has shown initiative in learning about and respecting the beliefs of others, and someone who can form relationships with peers from all walks of life.

Aside from the cultural experience, you’ll have a lot of fun while at summer camp. The children at camp look forward to a fun summer, and you provide that for them by joining in on the activities and getting involved. You will form lasting friendships, laughs will be had, and antics engaged in that create wonderful memories. Your nine weeks at summer camp will beat sitting in front of a television playing video games or being bored out of your mind.

Make Your American Working Holiday as Unique as You are

Experience America on a working holiday tailored to your individual desires. Once you finish your time at summer camp, you have 30 days of travel available to you. America has 50 states with unique cultures of their own to visit, as well as 58 national parks waiting to give you the adventure you crave. With 19,355 cities, the United States has something to offer everyone. We partner with Intrepid Travel to allow each of our participants a unique experience while travelling abroad.

You can see New York and the iconic Statue of Liberty or catch a show on Broadway. Others will want to experience San Francisco and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Some may want to hike the mountains somewhere in Utah or Colorado. It’s your adventure to create. Contact Camp America now.