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Start Your Gap Year in the USA, with the Camp America Program!

Taking a gap year between high school and university? Looking to take a break in your higher education and experience things that you would never find in a classroom? If so, Camp America might be the perfect place for you to more.

Working Holidays In The USA With Camp America

Live, work, and play in the USA with Camp America. The organisation, which is part of The American Institute of Foreign Study (Australia) Pty Ltd (AIFS), offers Australian young adults ages 18-26 the opportunity to enjoy working holidays in America. AIFS has been providing young people from all more.

Looking for Summer Work in America? Join the Longest Running USA Summer Camp Program in Australia!

Have you been dreaming of a summer of fun, self-discovery and life changing experiences in America? With the Camp America program offered through AIFS Australia, you can make that dream come true and be more more.

Want To Travel And Work Overseas? Immerse Yourself In The USA With Camp America

Looking to travel and work overseas? Take part in the longest running USA summer camp program in Australia - Camp America. The program is part of The American Institute for Foreign Study (Australia) Pty Ltd (AIFS), which has long been committed to providing the more.

Head Overseas To The USA Where You Can Work And Travel In America

It is the longest running USA summer camp program in Australia. Students and non-students can work and travel in America for over nine weeks in the Camp America program. Camp America is part of The American Institute for Foreign Study (Australia) Pty Ltd, or AIFS, that has more.

Spend A Summer Of Fun In The USA On A Working Holiday In America

Traveling to the USA is now possible when you participate in the Camp America program, the longest running US summer camp program in Australia. It is a working holiday in America when you become a camp counsellor at one of the thousands of summer camps available in more.

Students And Non Students Can Spend A Summer Of Fun On Working Holidays For Australians

The best working holidays for Australians are spent as part of the Camp America program, working and traveling through the United States. Camp America is part of The American Institute of Foreign Study (Australia) Pty Ltd (AIFS), which has been providing cultural exchange programs all more.

Gap Year Programs USA: The Opportunities Available through Camp America

Whether you are looking for gap year programs in the USA, or simply for a way to spend a summer between university semesters, Camp America has program options available for you. Ever since the late 1960s, we have been facilitating cultural exchange programs for more.

Be Your Own American Dream, with Camp America Gap Year Programs in the USA

Attention Australian students: if you are between the ages of 18 and 26, and currently looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity, then you might be interested to learn about Camp America. Founded in 1969 by the American Institute of Foreign Study (AIFS), the Camp America program has more.

Get a Head Start on Gap Year Programs for 2016: Apply for Camp America and Spend Your Summer in the USA!

On the top of the bucket list for many young people is this task: 'see the world.' It's a daunting goal, not just because the world is so big, and not just because flights and travel accommodations aren't cheap, but also because it can simply become difficult to more.

Apply to Be a USA Camp Counsellor for the Summer of 2016!

Are you interested in being a camp counsellor with Camp America? We are already underway applications for Camp America 2016. If you want to be involved with this life-changing program more.

Make Amazing Memories as a Counsellor Summer Camps in the USA

Are you ready to get out into the world and discover what new experiences are waiting for you out there? Through the American Institute for Foreign Study's Camp America program, young adults can sign up for many programs that open the more .

Earn Valuable Life Experience at the Great Summer Camps America has to Offer

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to spend a few months in America, meeting new people and experiencing a different kind of culture? The mission of the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) is to give you just such an opportunity more .

Summer Camps in the USA Give You an Incredible Chance to Make a Difference

Are you 18 with a passion for life and a thirst for new experiences? Are you ready to get out into the world and touch lives to make a difference? The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) wants you! Apply for our Camp America program and you could be more .

USA Summer Camp Jobs Opening Doors for Many Australian Youths

Do you want to be part of something special while at the same time building character and making memories? If you're over 18, love the outdoors, and are hungry for something new, Camp America has exactly the program you need to consider. For thousands of more .

Find Out What Makes USA Summer Camps a Cool and Unique Experience

Do you want to spend your whole summer sitting at home doing nothing, or do you want to get out into the world to have a new kind of experience? At Camp America, we work to make sure you can have a swell, exciting experience working overseas in USA summer camps. You more .

American Summer Camp Jobs Available

The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS Australia) offers American summer camp jobs for young adults looking to travel for part of the summer. American summer camp jobs are ideal for students who wish to do something terrific with their summer breaks, for more .

Be a Counsellor at American Summer Camp This Summer

Have you ever wanted to be a celebrity? Working as a camp counsellor at an American summer camp provides this experience and more. Kids love having foreign camp counsellors with accents and different cultural backgrounds. They will hang on your every word! The more .

American Summer Camps Offer Counselling Jobs for Australians

There’s no better way to spend a summer than at one of the many American summer camps. The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) offers programs for everybody. Young adults of any skill level are welcome to apply for our counsellor positions at American more .

Counselling at Camp America Offers the Experience of a Lifetime

Travelling to another country is a rare and rewarding experience. The American Institute of Foreign Study (AIFS) offers many opportunities for young adults to travel to America to work at Camp America or participate in the Au Pair program. more .

Camp USA Has Become a Popular Term

Recently, we’ve found that “Camp USA” has become synonymous for young adults leaving the country to do doing something very special with their summers. At AIFS Australia or The Institute for Foreign Study (Australia), we offer opportunities for young adults more .

Jobs for Australians Overseas

Have you always been interested in travelling overseas but aren't sure how to make it happen? Have you dreamt of finding well-paying jobs that allow you to travel overseas? Now you can be more than just a tourist in the U.S. – you can get paid for creating more .

Camp America – The Best Jobs in USA for Australians

Australians: are you between the ages of 18-26 and looking for fun jobs in the USA? Do you want to create your very own American Dream? Look no further because travelling overseas and making money while having fun has never been easier. Camp America offers more .

Looking for Exciting Jobs Overseas?

Camp America has been providing jobs overseas since 1969. In fact, we have sent over 200,000 talented young people from around the world to make a difference at summer camps overseas. Wouldn’t it be exciting to travel abroad and get paid for travel? You more .

Camp America - the Very Best Summer Camp in America

Americans have long held summer camp a necessary growth experience for school-aged children. The great news is that now Australians can be an integral part of this U.S. phenomenon by working overseas as a Camp Counsellor for Camp America. This great summer more .

Fun Summer Camp Jobs in the USA

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? Enjoy the American Camp experience working summer jobs as a Counsellor in the USA for Camp America. With an easy online application process, signing up for summer camp jobs online is a breeze. Once more .

The Most Important Things You Will Learn Working at USA Summer Camps

Campfires, kayaking, and tons of memories – it’s the dream of many a camper, but they’re not the only ones who walk away having learned a lot from the experience. Camp counsellors learn just as much from their time spent at USA summer camps, which is more .

Can an Australian Student Really Find Work in America?

You’re ready for a challenge. Something different. The winter months are long and boring anyway, so why not head off for a summer of fun? You can find work in America doing something that you will love and that you will present you with a challenge more .

Exciting Work in the USA is Now Available for Young Australian Adults

For many young Australian adults, there is nothing better than getting the opportunity to spend some time working out of the country. However, finding work in the USA can be difficult, especially for younger women. This is why so many younger women turn more .

The Advantages of Time Spent Working in America

Sometimes it’s necessary to get away from it all and to try something different. This is a philosophy that every young person should embrace at least once in their life, and is one of the reasons that so many young Australian adults find themselves working more .

What is Working in the USA Really Like? A Primer for Aussies

Working in the USA can be an interesting experience, especially for a younger Australian getting out of the country on their own for the first time. It can be a bit intimidating, but it can also be a lot of fun. The most common question that most more .

Be a Leader or Counsellor in an American Summer Camp Program

Are you interested in learning about other cultures? Dying to get out of Australia and see some new places and faces? Perhaps you’re looking for something to do during your gap year? If you feel you have what it takes to be a dynamic more .

For American Summer Camp Counsellor and Leader Jobs, Choose Camp America

When considering summer camp counsellor placement in America, Camp America should be your top choice. We are the largest business of our kind in Australia, but also the oldest by more than 20 years. We’ve been providing summer camp more .

Participate in an American Working Holiday Program During Gap Year

So, you haven’t decided what to do with your gap year yet? Maybe you haven’t even decided if you should take a gap year or not. You’ve worked hard to get yourself prepared for higher education and maybe delving in is the best choice for more .

Do you Have What It Takes to be a Camp Counsellor in the USA?

For a variety of reasons, working holidays in the USA attract thousands of applicants each year, and it’s no wonder when you consider what’s on offer. By becoming a counsellor in a USA camp, you’ll be able to work with children ensuring more .

Why USA Working Holidays Continue to Grow in Popularity

For decades, people from all around the globe have experienced something new by going on a US working holiday, and with over 12,000 camps dispersed all over the US, there are plenty of opportunities available. Perhaps people are drawn to US more .

What Do USA Summer Camp Counsellor Jobs Entail?

Are you the kind of person who loves trying new things? Do you believe that travel broadens the mind and getting to know new cultures opens a world of possibilities? Are you looking for something meaningful to do with your gap year? more .