5 Reasons Camp America is better than university

March 11, 2019, 3:58 p.m. by admin_ca

5 Reasons Camp America is better than university

You worked hard, got the results you need and started a degree. Just pick something was the advice everyone gave you but you’re not even sure if you like it. O-week was awesome – free pens, signing up for free food and awkwardly meeting new people. The first week of real classes and the reality is sinking in. You have to study again… after 6 years of studying to get here, you’ve got another 3 years… at least. Sitting in lectures, late-night cram sessions and instant noodles for dinner.

You could do that but we’ve got a better idea. Here are 5 reasons Camp America is better than a university:

1. This is your classroom

Working at camp gives you the opportunity to spend every day outside. Soak up the sun and learn in the great outdoors. From sports games to wakeboarding and even art & craft with nature. Life’s best lessons can’t be learnt in a classroom. Bonus: you’ll get a sweet camp tan!

2. Stars & Bonfires

Switch the late night study sessions, under the flickering fluorescent lights, for stargazing and fires. You’ll learn so much more about the world and yourself by sleeping under the stars. Campouts also mean prepared S’mores for late night snacks.

3. 5 square meals a day + dessert

Breakfast, Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner and Supper/Dessert. Forget struggling to afford lunch and living off instant noodles. Have the kitchen staff prepare your meals for the whole summer.

4. Your short winter break becomes a summer adventure!

Just as you finish one semester, the next one has already started. The grind of studying. The new semester brings stories of epic holidays from your friends. You reminisce on the time you spent working hard to save $$. Swap winter for summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Keep the summer rolling and have a whole year of stories to tell when you finish your sabbatical.

5. Huge booster for your Resume

Camp isn’t just a place for kids to have fun and learn something. As a counsellor, you gain invaluable experience and skills in leadership, responsibility, teamwork, gain greater self-confidence and problem-solving. You’ll always have an answer for that daunting “tell us a time when you…” question in a job interview. Degrees are self-explanatory on a resume but camp gives you so much more as an employee.