7 things $50 can get you in the USA

Sept. 5, 2016, 11:31 a.m. by Editor

7 things $50 can get you in the USA 

1. Over 30 Dunkin' Donuts

One of the best things about travelling is getting to try out the local cuisine...so when in America you must head into a Dunkin Donuts. They are absolutely EVERYWHERE so there is no doubt you will stumble across at least 1 or 6 on your travels! Our top pick is the Boston Cream donut, but with your $50 you'll be able to work out which of the many flavours is your fave! 🍩

2. Baseball Tickets 

"Take me out to the ball game.." 🎶 Get youself a ticket to one of America's most popular sports! The baseball is such an awesome experience. The atmosphere and the fans are something you will never forget. Keep your eyes on the ball...one may well end up flying up into the crowd and you are going to want to be the one to catch it! ⚾

3. Admission into America's famous National Parks

Don't miss out on the natural beauty of America. Your $50 will gain you entry into multiple National Parks. Our top pick is Yosemite National Park, located in the state of California. Mother nature has really turned it up a gear and you will be treated to high cliffs, majestic waterfalls, ancient sequoias and enchanting wilderness😍😍😍. It is the perfect pit stop on your post camp road trip. Park admission is just $15 leaving you with plenty of cash to explore one of many other National Parks. Where will you go?

4. Satisfy your hunger at Taco Bell

Just another enriching and tasty cultural experience... nuff said😏. 

5. Broadway Musical Ticket


If you've always wanted to defy gravity, sing-a-long to the Circle of Life, or maybe you prefer just singing in the rain then you'll want to use your $50 for a ticket to a Broadway Musical! For cheap TKTS head to the stand under the red stairs in Times Square. 

6. A ride for you and a friend on the X Scream at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas

Speaking of defying gravity...Take your $50 and a friend to new heights in Las Vegas. The X Scream ride is not for the feint of heart. Be shot 27 feet over the edge of the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower. If you manage to keep your eyes open and free from tears check out the view as you dangle weightlessly above the Las Vegas Strip. Statosphere...Stratos-fear...or more like Stratos-terrifying-OMG-no way not in a million years😱😱😱😱😱😱! 

7. Shop 'til you drop!

If you get your thrills a bit closer to the ground you'll enjoy having an extra $50 cash for your shopping trips! Whether you have expensive taste and want to hit up Rodeo Drive in LA, are a keen thrift shopper or are on the hunt for a bargain at the New York City Outlets you are sure to enjoy your time shopping in America! HOT TIP: take old clothes to camp you won't mind throwing out at the end of the summer. This will leave you with lots of room in your baggage for your new wardrobe👌👌👌! 

What are you waiting for? Apply today and schedule your interview and spend the $50 you save in America instead!