6 Reasons why Camp America should be your Gap Year filler.

Oct. 31, 2016, 4:23 p.m. by Editor

1. Break free from the four walls of the classroom!

You have spent the last 13 years of your life in a classroom. It’s time to get out and see the world. Life’s best lessons can’t be learnt in a classroom. So if you don’t feel ready to head straight back into another 4 years of classroom education we don’t blame you!

2. Find Yourself. 

Oooh we just got real deep. Camp America will allow you to travel and explore who you are as a person and give you time to decide what you want to do.

3. Make the dough before you go!

The great thing about Camp America is you don’t start until May/June 2017 so you have from the time you leave school to the time you go to save up. Pick up some extra shifts at the pizza place or the shop you work at and after 6 months you’ll have yourself a hefty amount of dosh to have one incredible adventure. Road trip from LA to San Fran? Spend a week in Disneyland? Or shop til you drop in New York City. 

4. Peace of mind for Mum and Dad.

We know you’re an adult but you’re still as precious to your rents as you were on the day you were born…and so you should be! At 18 you probably haven’t done anything quite as crazy as Camp America i.e. flying to the other side of the world to live and work. Camp America is perfect for getting you out of your comfort zone but also providing you with the extra support and guidance that mums and dads will be rest assured by. We provide you with medical insurance, food and accommodation for the whole time you are at camp, emergency contact and support in the US, pocket money and a pre-placement in a camp, you’ll know exactly where you are going and in most cases be picked up from the airport and taken to camp. 

5. Meet new people. Make new friends.

We know you’ve got great friends but it’s time to get out and meet new people. The friends you make at camp will be friends you have for life.  Living and working together day in and day out only makes your new friendships stronger. You will then go on to visit them at their homes, not just in America, but all over the world. CA Aussies are renound for having Christmases in England, weddings in Germany, attending college ball games and spending New Years in Scotland. 

6. Catch a sickness you'll never want to cure.

Yep, we are talking about the travel bug. Once you do Camp America you'll never want to stop travelling, reaching beyond your comfort zone and seeking out everything that the world has to offer. Trust us there is nothing wrong with that! 

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