Humans Of Camp America- Joe

Feb. 7, 2017, 11:33 a.m. by Editor

Camp was the place I had been looking for.

I found out about Camp America through a check out lady at Coles, she told me how her daughter got placed and that she was taking the year off uni. Me, being me I went home and looked it up and thought I could do this, but never really thought I’d actually get in. It started to get to the end of May when I was basically ready to give up and surely enough I was place 3 weeks prior to needing to depart. I frantically got all my stuff in order and off I went for the first time out of Australia.

My first memory of camp was the ‘Blocked Toilet from Hell’ and the ‘Final Destination Fan’ which provided plenty of quality entertainment until they fixed them of course. I won’t lie, never had I felt like I was in the right pace my whole life, but for some reason camp was the place I had been looking for. There’s something about the whole atmosphere of camp that is so incredibly hard to explain and to understand unless you’ve actually experience it yourself.

I was the media specialist for my camp, which basically meant I was everywhere and anywhere with the camera ready to capture some of the weirdest and strangest things. I will forever have permanently tattooed in my brain, “Is this for camp cast?” “Can we be in camp cast?” For anyone reading this that gets the media position at camp I strongly advise you to NEVER take a camera to a meal, you will not get a chance to eat and when you do the good food will be gone. From high ropes, to flying squirrels, to boat rides, to bear hunts and bike rides, I got to do it all and record it every step of the way. I got to experience so many great things while at camp, but nothing will beat the bonds I created with everyone I met there.