Top Job Fair Tips.

Dec. 21, 2016, 12:19 p.m. by Editor

Give yourself the best chance of placement at the Job Fairs by following these simple tips! 

Ditch the parents 

If your mum cannot leave your side for a few hours how are you going to cope with the time you are away in the US! That’s how the directors see it!


Camp Directors want happy smiley people at their camp don’t be a Debbie Downer!


Be prepared to get into the "Camp Spirit”, if your top skill is singing… Be prepared to have no shame and throw down some lines!


Feel like your application is looking a little bare? Make yourself stand out from the crowd with one of the following qualifications, Lifeguard- Bronze Medallion, Austswim, Boat licence.

Consider all camps 

To give yourself the highest chance of placement you should take into consideration all camp types on the day even if in your application you have put unwilling.

Have you thought about working at a Special Needs Camp?

At the 2017 job fair there is a high demand for staff wishing to work in special needs camps. On the day of the Job Fair your chances of placement are higher if you are willing to work at this camp type. To read more about working at a special needs camp click HERE.

Complete your application

If you don’t have an application on the day or it is not complete, you don’t look organised! Consider this a job interview and get yourself prepared! To speed up the process further make your first payment of $170.

But...What if I don't get placed? 

Do not worry! 

There are 1, 000+ US camps that aren’t at our fairs who want to hire young Aussies just like you!

See our Placement Officer at the “Other Camps” desk at our fairs for more information.

The majority of our CA applicants are placed through our online system.

1. Head to
2. Start/Continue your online application
3. Prepare for the summer of a lifetime!

We will find the perfect camp for you!
This is just the start of your journey with Camp America.