Get a Head Start on Gap Year Programs for 2016: Apply for Camp America and Spend Your Summer in the USA!

On the top of the bucket list for many young people is this task: 'see the world.' It's a daunting goal, not just because the world is so big, and not just because flights and travel accommodations aren't cheap, but also because it can simply become difficult to find time to see the world. Even when you are young, your life can fill up with university studies, summer jobs, family, friends, romantic relationships and other obligations that make it difficult to dig up roots and hit the road.

If you are truly dedicated to ticking 'see the world' off your bucket list, though, a gap year program for the year 2016 is the perfect way to start. It's not easy to find time to travel the world when you are young, but it can be even more difficult after you move into the workforce and start building a family of your own. So why not take a gap year in the middle of your university years, and use it to do a few of the things you have always wanted to do?

Introducing the Camp America Program

If you are looking for gap year programs in the USA for 2016, look no further than Camp America. Established in 1969 by AIFS (the American Institute for Foreign Study), Camp America has branches all around the world—including one in Australia—and is dedicated at providing students with summer camp work opportunities in the United States.

Every summer, nearly 7,000 young people from England, Australia, Poland and Germany come to America to work with kids at some 1,000 different camps throughout America. These camps range in structure and focus, from day camps to sleep-away camps, and from sports camps to special needs camps. However, every student accepted and placed in a job through Camp America will have a remarkable experience where they meet people from all over the world, learn about the culture of the United States, enrich the lives of kids and teens and see the sights of North America.

Start Your 2016 Gap Year with the Camp America Program

Technically, the Camp America programs for 2016 are not complete gap year programs. Instead of lasting a full year, Camp America's cultural exchange programs last about nine weeks, and take place during the summer semester.

With that said, if you are trying to put together a gap year program in America for 2016, Camp America is a good way to start! Many of our students begin their time in the USA with a Camp America placement, and then move on to other jobs, programs or travel plans. At Camp America, we help our students get the visas they need and work with airlines and travel companies to provide the best deals. No wonder so many young people choose to begin their world explorations with us! Interested in building a gap year program in the USA for 2016? Start by applying for Camp America! You can learn more about us online, at