Camp America 2019...

Melbourne, 12th January 2019

Sydney, 13th January 2019

Camp America Job Fairs

The Camp America Job Fairs are our biggest annual calendar events. Our Fairs, held in January 2019 will be bigger than ever before.

We organise directors from across the USA to come all the way to Australia to hire Aussie staff for their camps. So if you don’t think your application does you justice or you are just more of a character in person, then this is your perfect opportunity to GET HIRED ON THE SPOT in Sydney & Melbourne!

Every year many Camp America participants are placed at the Camp America Job Fairs and you too could be one of the lucky ones.

Not able to make to our Melbourne and Sydney Fairs? No worries. Job Fair is a great opportunity to get placed on the spot however, majority of applicants do get placed through our online system.