Camp America 2019...

Camp America Job Fairs!

The Camp America Job Fairs are our biggest annual calendar events. Our Fairs, held in January 2019 will be bigger than ever before.

We organise directors from across the USA to come all the way to Australia to hire Aussie staff for their camps. So if you don’t think your application does you justice or you are just more of a character in person, then this is your perfect opportunity to GET HIRED ON THE SPOT in Sydney & Melbourne!

Every year many Camp America participants are placed at the Camp America Job Fairs and you too could be one of the lucky ones.

Melbourne, 12th January 2019

Sydney, 13th January 2019


Camps will be announced in December so Keep an Eye Out
Do you want to know more about the camps? Click on the following link for details including skill lists, locations and videos. Skills lists are regularly updated so if you don't see your skills there don't worry! Just give us a call with your skill. 


1. Be prepared: Attend a short session with the Camp America team where we will give you tips on how to give yourself the best chance of placement on the day.

2. Meet the directors: Directors will be set up booth style. Head to the camp that you want to go to first. You'll have a short interview so make sure you show off all of your skills and personality.

3. Get hired on the spot: If the directors like what they see they will offer you at a position there and then!

4. Make it legit: Our Camp America team will be there on the day to process your placement and make it official.

5. Sort your travel: Our friends at Student Flights will be at our Job Fairs with awesome flight deals for our applicants.


You do not need to have an application to attend our Job Fairs. We welcome all young Aussies to take a shot at securing a placement in a US summer camp at our Job Fairs. 

PLEASE NOTE: Having an existing application does make the hiring process easier on the day and shows the Camp Directors that you are organised. You can start your application free here: 


If you do get offered a job on the day you will need to start an application and make your first payment of $199 for it to become official. Camp America is unable to sponsor your visa without these two things. 

Top Tips

Complete your Camp America Application - If you don’t have an application on the day or it is not complete, you don’t look organised! Consider this a job interview and get yourself prepared! Print it out and bring it along. To speed up the process, make your first payment of $199.

Ditch the parents - if your mum cannot leave your side for a few hours how are you going to cope with the time you are away in the US! That’s how the directors see it!

Smile - Camp Directors want happy smiley people at their camp - don’t be a Debbie Downer!

Attitude - Be prepared to get into the "Camp Spirit”, if your top skill is singing… Be prepared to have no shame and throw down some bars!

Be different - Camp Directors love people that think outside of the box! The stage is yours…

Upskill - Feel like your application is looking a little bare? Make yourself stand out from the crowd with one of the following qualifications, Bronze Medallion, Austswim, boat licence. 

Consider all camps - To give yourself the highest chance of placement you should take into consideration all camp types on the day even if in your application you have put unwilling.