Camp America – The Best Jobs in USA for Australians

Australians: are you between the ages of 18-26 and looking for fun jobs in the USA? Do you want to create your very own American Dream? Look no further because travelling overseas and making money while having fun has never been easier. Camp America offers Australians hundreds of USA jobs at various summer camps located all over the USA. You can play a significant role in an American child's summer as a Camp Counsellor. Are you wondering if you qualify to be a Counsellor for Camp America? The role of a camp Counsellor has nothing to do with psychology and everything to do with assisting kids through their daily camp activities. A Camp Counsellor is responsible for keeping the campers safe and on schedule. You don’t have to have a lot of experience as anyone with general knowledge of sports, activities or basic childcare experience can apply. From archery to yoga, horseback riding to aquatics, there are plenty of opportunities.

At Camp America, you will earn what you’re worth. The pay rates are based various factors, so depending upon your age, experience and skill level you will be placed in a suitable position for you. There are a few levels of Counsellors so there are opportunities for everyone. This means you'll sleep in the same housing area as the campers and supervise them through the night. So...if you have great childcare experience, but less specific activity experience and you fancy taking charge of your own tribe of campers for the summer - this could be for you! Yes, it is official - Camp America offers the best jobs in the USA for Australians and anyone looking to expand their resume.