Looking for Exciting Jobs Overseas?

Camp America has been providing jobs overseas since 1969. In fact, we have sent over 200,000 talented young people from around the world to make a difference at summer camps overseas. Wouldn’t it be exciting to travel abroad and get paid for travel? You can work fun jobs abroad in summer camps located all over the United States. The experience of summer camp for an American child is an important part of the American culture. Now you can be part of this thrilling summer tradition and experience an integral component of the U.S. culture. You can share your unique International culture with an interested group of children on their summer break! There are many camp destinations to choose from – with an estimated 12,000 camps around overseas and approximately 11 million kids and young adults each year there are plenty of jobs.

While at camp, you will have the prospect to work directly with American children participating in summer camp. What will you do? Australians can sign up to instruct the kids, or assist them as they go about the daily camp activities. One of the best things about this programme is that once you sign up online at Camp America, you are guaranteed a spot or your money back! Camp America partners with over 100 different kinds of camps in various locations all over the USA. That means many opportunities for you to work overseas! Come and have a blast travelling with the kids overseas. You'll be glad you did!