Camp America - the Very Best Summer Camp in America

Americans have long held summer camp a necessary growth experience for school-aged children. The great news is that now Australians can be an integral part of this U.S. phenomenon by working overseas as a Camp Counsellor for Camp America. This great summer experience includes a lot of fun and a whole lot of travel. You can help American kids create lasting memories and then create your own long after the camp experience has ended. At Camp America, you get to see the sights even after you have helped a group of kids have the best summer of their lives.

How does that work?

As a Camp America Counsellor, you get the opportunity to extend your stay. Once the camp ends and your J1 visa ends, you don't have to rush home. That's right! You have an extra 30 days to explore the area and make more memories anywhere in the USA! After a month, you can even extend the visa longer to a tourist visa and stay in the USA for up to 1 year! Imagine, starting out as a Camp America Counsellor and ending up travelling all over the USA for a year! Now that Camp America has partnered with Camp America Treks you can utilise their discounts to plan extended vacations well after the summer camp has ended. Take a look at the Camp America website and see how you can get a fun summer job overseas and travel for a year afterwards anywhere in the USA! Think of the endless possibilities!