Make Amazing Memories as a Counsellor at a Summer Camp in the USA

Are you ready to get out into the world and discover what new experiences are waiting for you out there? As a camp counsellor, you'll be an important part of one of the unique and enduring elements of American culture. Summer camps give children across the country a chance to cut loose in the outdoors, and your role will be to make sure their time at camp is a safe, fun and exciting experience.

We want to give you the finest US camp experience possible. Whether it's sponsoring your entry visa or providing insurance to cover your program, at Camp America we strive to give you a great adventure. We even include a free SIM card so you can phone home in between camp activities. Not only that, but every counsellor can elect to travel for 30 days after the conclusion of their placement. Imagine how much of America you can discover in 30 days!

Ever since 1969, Camp America has provided thousands of people with the one of a kind experience of working at a US summer camp. You can be a part of that, too! Apply today and you can spend nine weeks of summer fun in America, not only making money but making once-in-a-lifetime memories you'll never forget.