Summer Camps in the USA Give You an Incredible Chance to Make a Difference

Are you 18 with a passion for life and a thirst for new experiences? Are you ready to get out into the world and touch lives to make a difference? The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) wants you! Apply for our Camp America program and you could be spending nine weeks of your next summer getting paid to work in one of 1,000 different summer camps in the USA. Not only will it be a memorable travel experience, but you'll get a chance to touch the lives of children who may not have many other opportunities for fun and activity.

Being a camp counsellor gives you the opportunity to be both a mentor and a role model. As a counsellor, your daily activities will vary, but the group of children you supervise will usually remain the same. One day you might be creating arts and crafts such as pottery while the next day you could be teaching your kids how to shoot a bow and arrow! Of course, in the middle of all this fun and excitement, you'll have a chance to make a good impression and create lasting memories for children. What could be more fulfilling than being a part of the real summer camp USA experience?

We're now accepting applications for the 2016 summer camp USA program. Secure your spot and apply today! With 30 days of extra travel time after camp ends, pocket money, and even visa sponsorship, Camp America will connect you to an unforgettable life experience. Find out what it's like to leave a lasting impact on a child's summer memories and get involved now.