Students Flights

AIFS has partnered with Student Flights to offer you great value flights. Students Flights are experienced in travel for under 26s and can get special rates for young adults. 

Meet the Dedicated Team from Student Flights. They've been helping to arrange travel for Camp America Applicants year after year. 

Why Book with Student Flights?

  • Airfares can vary greatly depending on the airline, dates and flight restrictions. 
  • Student Flights have secured exclusive discounts and flexibility only for Camp America applicants, but these are only available if booked through our dedicated team (not available if booked at other Student Flights or Flight Centre Stores).
  • Student Flights understands the requirements of your Camp placements and can customise your itinerary to match up with any airport pickups and arrivals. 
  • Student Flights understands the limitations of the cultural exchange visa and offers exclusive layby payment options that will ensure you secure the best deal, and if for any reason your visa application is declined, you will be refunded this deposit.
  • The dedicated team at Student Flights working out of Sydney are both knowledgeable and incredibly experienced. They have almost 40 years' experience between them and have lived and travelled in the USA extensively.
  • You will have access to the Student Flights 24/7 support team who will be able to assist you before departure and whilst you are overseas. 


Student Flights on (02) 8512 9600 or email today.

Connect with Us! The Student Flights Camp America Facebook Group for the 2019 season is LIVE! Get alerts and updates on travel deals, meet the SF Team and discuss all things travel. 

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Meet The Team


Countries Visited: 42

Favourite Destination: New York

Favourite Travel Memory: Trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru

Favourite American Food: Classic NY slice from Prince St. Pizza


Countries Visited: 17

Favourite Destination: Italy

Favourite Travel Memory: Working holiday in the UK making friends from all over the world

Favourite American Food: Mac & Cheese


Countries Visited: 32

Favourite Destination: Antarctica

Favourite Travel Memory: Stand up paddle board boarding in Antarctica & Gorilla trekking in Uganda

Favourite American Food: The everything bagel with cream cheese


Countries Visited: 25

Favourite Destination: New York

Favourite Travel Memory: Exploring the cenotes in Tulum, Mexico

Favourite American Food: Texas BBQ


Countries Visited: 21

Favourite Destination: New York

Favourite Travel Memory: Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon

Favourite American Food: Deep Dish Pizza


Countries Visited: 27

Favourite Destination: Israel

Favourite Travel Memory: Getting baptised in the River Jordan

Favourite American Food: Bagels with cream cheese and jam