USA Summer Camp Jobs Opening Doors for Many Australian Youths

Do you want to be part of something special while at the same time building character and making memories? If you're over 18, love the outdoors, and are hungry for something new, Camp America has exactly the program you need to consider. For thousands of Australian young people, the American Institute of Foreign Study's Camp America program has provided both J1 visas and almost guaranteed placement in USA summer camp jobs. Sink your teeth into a whole different culture, where even something as simple as your accent can be a conversation starter!

Getting a USA summer camp job through our program gives you a chance to learn about yourself while creating a safe and fun atmosphere for the American children attending your camp. Not only will the campers look up to you as a role model, but they'll see you as a friend from another land, too! Being a camp counsellor will give you a cool "celebrity" feeling you won't get from other summer programs. You'll be placed in a camp where your skills can shine, whether that means leading group activities or running a first aid tent. At the end of the program, you'll even be able to take 30 days to travel America at your leisure!

Think about everything you'll bring back with you at the end of your USA summer camp job. You'll have new friends, new experiences, and a new outlook on the world. Best of all, you'll be able to say "I did Camp America!" The things you do and learn on this journey will stick with you for a lifetime.