Find Out What Makes USA Summer Camps a Cool and Unique Experience

Do you want to spend your whole summer sitting at home doing nothing, or do you want to get out into the world to have a new kind of experience? At Camp America, we work to make sure you can have a swell, exciting experience working overseas in USA summer camps. You can be more than a tourist! You can be a camp counsellor, a supervisor that oversees the camp's daily activities while providing a safe and fun environment for the attending children. We work closely with over a thousand USA summer camps which means your chances of placement and receiving a visa are quite high!

The experience you'll gain living and working for nine weeks in one of the many USA summer camps will be truly fascinating. Summer camping is an important part of American culture. As many as 11 million people will visit a camp each summer! You'll get both an inside perspective on this American tradition as well as the full hands on experience. Whether you're down by the lake giving swimming lessons or out in the woods hiking with a group, your job as a counsellor will highlight your skills and allow you to develop new ones, too!

Your trip to summer camp can be your very own American dream, and we ensure it's a safe one, too. We'll make sure you've got insurance coverage for your entire trip, and we have a 24/7 help line you can call us on for any help you might need. With visa sponsorship too, it's the full package. We're waiting for your application!