Why USA Working Holidays Continue to Grow in Popularity

For decades, people from all around the globe have experienced something new by going on a US working holiday, and with over 12,000 camps dispersed all over the US, there are plenty of opportunities available. Perhaps people are drawn to US working holidays because they give people the chance to ensure young campers enjoy the summer of a lifetime, or maybe it’s because it gives them the opportunity to meet new people from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds. Some people find USA working holidays give their CV a boost and open job opportunities after they’ve completed their studies. In reality, most people enjoy this experience due to all the reasons listed above.

While many companies specialise in finding placements for people who want to go on a USA working holiday, it’s crucial to choose one that offers ongoing support around the clock. You need a company that guarantees to find the right placement for your skill set and interests, and you certainly don’t want to lose money if there are no placements available (which is extremely rare). Fortunately, as a company that prides itself on being honest and upfront, we can help you make your dream US working holiday become a reality.

At Camp America, we’ve been finding placements for young, enthusiastic individuals for over 40 years, which makes us the longest-running company in our industry in Australia. We endeavour to make the application process as simple as possible, and we’re always on hand to answer questions. Furthermore, we provide ongoing support, 24/7, for the duration of your stay in the USA, and having offices in the US and Australia means you don’t need to rely on third parties for advice. Keep reading below to find out why a USA working holiday is such a valuable experience.

The Benefits of USA Working Holidays

If you consider yourself an adventurer and enjoy working with children, you’re the right person to fill a camp placement. Here’s why our cultural exchange programmes continue to grow in popularity:

  • Experience something new – You can’t become accustomed to a new culture by spending a week in an unfamiliar country, but you’ll learn heaps about a variety of cultures by embarking on a USA working holiday.
  • Improve your skills – From archery to motorboat driving, there are lots of activities you’ll love while working in the USA. Almost all Camp America sponsored individuals take part in the various activities they assist with, so don’t think it’s all about work and not fun.
  • Boost your CV – Most employers can see the benefits of hiring somebody who has completed a 9-week US working holiday because it shows you’re willing to step up to the plate, throw yourself out of your comfort zone to enjoy a new experience, and prove your leadership skills in an unfamiliar environment.

Apply for a USA Working Holiday Today

Even after four decades, we remain the largest provider of cultural exchange programmes in Australia, and if we can’t find you a placement, you won’t have to pay a cent. Plus, we’re always upfront with the costs associated with our programmes, and we guarantee it’s a worthwhile investment. Apply for a placement today, or attend one of our Camp America Info Sessions to learn more about our programmes.