Camp America 2020...

Camp Counsellor aka "The All-rounder!"

There's no need to panic; counsellors have nothing to do with psychology, psychiatry or therapy - of any description! 'Counsellor' is the term given to the people on camp who look after the campers' general well-being and ensure that the kids get to enjoy all their camp activities safely, whilst having a good time! It's likely that you'll end up taking part in many of the activities as well - so while you don't need to be an expert, a flexible 'have-a-go' attitude is essential. On a typical camp day you could find yourself skipping from tennis, to archery, to then finding yourself jumping off a double-decker boat into a lake; cheered on by your campers! You'll also find that you take a full and active role in the general areas of camp; from looking after a table of kids at meal times - to entertaining at the flagpole or singing round the camp fire.

And the role doesn't end once the kids are in bed! Counsellors often take on the role of 'bunk/cabin counsellors'. This means you'll sleep in the same housing area as the campers and supervise them through the night. So...if you have great childcare experience, but less specific activity experience and you fancy taking charge of your own tribe of campers for the summer - this could be for you!

Advanced Skills Counsellor

Advanced Skills Counsellors are the all-action heroes of summer camp. They take on the overall responsibility of organising and instructing in a particular activity. They're the experts in their chosen field and are the staff that counsellors will assist (and most likely learn a thing or two from over the course of the summer!) As an advanced skills counsellor, it's likely that your days will be dedicated to coaching one specific area and although camps hire instructors in a wide variety of areas, we're on the look out for highly skilled applicants with formal experience and expertise in the following skills areas:

As well as coaching in a specific area during the day, Advanced Skills Counsellors also play a part in overall camp life - so you will have childcare duties and get the opportunity to get involved in all other areas of camp life.

When you make your application, our US placement team will dictate whether or not your application meets the criteria of an Advanced Skills Counsellor and if you are offered an advanced role on camp you are likely to qualify for a higher rate of pocket money.

So...if you take your sport or craft seriously and have some formal coaching experience - the Advanced Skills Counsellor role could be right up your street!