Camp America 2020...

What You Get  

Camp America is an experience like no other…

What do you get as a camp counsellor with Camp America?

  • A guaranteed placement or your money back! 
  • Food and accommodation at camp (and in most cases, even laundry!)
  • Insurance (covering you for the full duration of the J-1 Visa Program!)
  • J-1 Visa sponsorship (Camp America is an official designated J-1 visa sponsor)
  • Entry to our famous Camp America Job Fairs
  • 30 day grace period for travel before camp, as well as 30 days after camp!
  • SEVIS Fee Payment, associated with the J-1 Visa Application
  • Assistance with the J-1 Visa Application process
  • Exclusive partner offers with Student Flights
  • Group Orientation prior to departure
  • Connection with other current Camp America participants 
  • 24/7 customer support (from our Australian and US Camp America offices)
  • An awesome Camp America T-shirt and FREE sim card.
  • Access to Camp America Treks tours
  • Returner discounted rates for Camp America fees (especially if you submit your application prior to February 1st)
  • You get paid a Stipend, or Pocket Money, at camp! Anywhere between $1250 - $1975 USD.

Pocket Money Guidelines

Pocket Money (USD)

Counsellor - Standard USD $1250 - $1575
Advanced Skills Counsellor USD $1250 - $1575
Counsellor - Special Needs USD $1250 - $1975

At Camp America, we reward you based on your skills and experience. The more you can offer, the more we can reward you.

The after camp payment table is a guide. The rates are based on age, experience, skill level and the responsibility. Advanced skill pocket money is based on qualifications and experience in a specific area.

This Pocket Money Guide has added a $500 travel subsidy from Camp America, which is included in your total pocket money and paid to you by your summer camp. 

What's not included?

  • Your flights to camp - However, we work closely with Student Flights to provide you with exclusive deals for Camp America participants. Click Here for more details.
  • Camp America pays for the SEVIS fee as soon as your placement with a summer camp is confirmed! The J-1 Visa consists of three fees - SEVIS, MRV and ISSUANCE Fees. All participants are required to pay the MRV fee directly to the United States Consulate General when booking an appointment with the US Consulate. Australian Passport Holders also need to pay an Issuance fee at the time of their appointment at the US Consulate.
  • We work hard to meet legal J-1 Visa Requirements, as well as Child Protection and Safeguarding standard for all participants. As such, you must provide an Australian Federal Police Certificate as a part of your Camp America application. The police check payment of $42 AUD will be paid directly by an applicant to the Australian Federal Police. Click Here for instructions on how to apply for a police check