Can an Australian Student Really Find Work in America?

You’re ready for a challenge. Something different. The winter months are long and boring anyway, so why not head off for a summer of fun? You can find work in America doing something that you will love and that you will present you with a challenge. Summer camps are always looking for qualified counsellors – especially those with special skills, such as those that can teach horseback riding, although anybody with a passion for teaching, guiding young individuals, and enthusiasm for the camp life is welcome.

If you’re interested in finding work in America during the summer months, you can get up to nine weeks to work at a camp. After you finish working, you can enjoy some extra time off to explore the country. See New York City, explore the Grand Canyon, or simply enjoy a little bit of time with the new friends that you have made. The possibilities are endless! And when you work in America, you can go back home with plenty of new skills, as well as fantastic new experiences, that will look fantastic on your resume, and that will prepare you for any challenges that you may encounter in your uni or work life back home.

Camp America has been helping Australian students find work in America since the 1960s, and we can help you connect with some of the best summer camps in the country. Spend your winter holiday enjoying the summer sun and having the time of your life. Learn more by browsing our website today.