Head Overseas To The USA Where You Can Work And Travel In America

It is the longest running USA summer camp program in Australia. Students and non-students can work and travel in America for over nine weeks in the Camp America program. Camp America is part of The American Institute for Foreign Study (Australia) Pty Ltd, or AIFS, that has been operating a number of cultural exchange programs since the 1960s. AIFS continues to provide the highest quality programs, including Camp America, and to enrich the lives of people throughout the world. For those who want the experience of a lifetime, Camp America is it.

What Exactly Is Camp America?

The Camp America program has sent over 200,000 young people from all over the world to work in summer camps in the USA. The program is a tremendous opportunity for young Australians to experience life in America. At the same time, they get to work directly with American children while at a summer camp. There are hundreds of different camps across the USA each summer. Camp America participants can work as a camp counsellor to instruct or assist young children in a variety of activities.

Participants travel to the USA and spend nine weeks working at a summer camp. When the camp ends, those in the program have a 30-day grace period after their visa expires to travel and experience life in America firsthand. If you ever thought about work and travel overseas, getting involved in the Camp America program can make it happen.

Work And Travel In The USA - What Is Paid For?

If you choose to work and travel in the USA with Camp America, you should know that all of your food and accommodations are paid for during your nine-week stay at a summer camp. Most camps take care of your laundry too. You are fully insured for the entire duration of your program and you get J-1 visa sponsorship with Camp America as your designated sponsor. One of the biggest perks is the 30 days of travel time once your camp has ended. You can travel with Camp America Treks and explore the USA. Visit the Grand Canyon, go to Disney World, or check out Washington, D.C. It is all possible with Camp America.

Your Role At A Summer Camp

As a camp counsellor, you will take part in a variety of activities. Your job is to look after the campers, make sure they are safe and enjoy the camp activities all while you have the experience of a lifetime. You may find yourself engaged in pottery, then archery, and later find yourself jumping into a beautiful lake. Counsellors with special skills, such as gymnastics, piano, tennis, and more will fill the roles of Advanced Skills Counsellors. They will be responsible for leading and teaching activities in their specialty.

To learn more about the opportunities available with Camp America, visit the organisation's website - campamerica.com.au. If you are a young adult age 18 to 26 seeking some adventure, Camp America can provide you with a once in a lifetime summer experience.