Spend A Summer Of Fun In The USA On A Working Holiday In America

Traveling to the USA is now possible when you participate in the Camp America program, the longest running US summer camp program in Australia. It is a working holiday in America when you become a camp counsellor at one of the thousands of summer camps available in the United States. This cultural exchange program is part of The American Institute of Foreign Study (Australia) Pty Ltd (AIFS), which has run these types of programs since the 1960s. The organisation is committed to quality educational programs and exchange programs so that young people from around the world get a chance to better understand the similarities and differences among cultures. The Camp America program has been providing those opportunities since 1969.

Live The Dream On A Working Holiday In The USA

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the American Dream firsthand. Young adults, students and non-students, ages 18 to 26 can spend a summer working with young people from around the world at a summer camp in America. The tradition of summer camp is a long one in the USA and children from other countries will travel to the States to take part. Over 200,000 young people have worked these camps since the Camp America program started in 1969. There are roughly 11 million children and adults that will attend a summer camp in the USA at more than 12,000 camps across the country. This equates to plenty of opportunities for young Australians.

Your Role At Camp America

Most will begin their Camp America experience as a Counsellor. There is no real psychology involved in being a Camp America Counsellor. Your role here is to make sure that kids are safe and that they are having fun. You will take part in a number of activities. A typical day could include anything from waterskiing to pottery classes. You will look after your children as they eat, go to bed, and throughout each and every day. There are also those could become Advanced Skills Counsellors, which are those who have some unique skill that could be taught to campers. If you are rock climber, water-skier, mountain biker, or piano player, there may be a spot for you as an Advanced Skills Counsellor at Camp America.

What You Need To Know

When you go on your working holiday in America, there are few things you should know. All of your food and accommodations are taken care of as well as your laundry (in most cases). All participants in the program are fully insured for the entire duration of their stay. A J-1 visa sponsorship is required and taken care of and one of the real reasons young adults wind up taking part in the program is the 30-day travel period after camp ends. Once you have fulfilled your duties as a Camp Counsellor, you have 30 days to do whatever you would like, including traveling across the USA.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity, interested Australians can visit the Camp America website, campamerica.com.au.