Students And Non Students Can Spend A Summer Of Fun On Working Holidays For Australians

The best working holidays for Australians are spent as part of the Camp America program, working and traveling through the United States. Camp America is part of The American Institute of Foreign Study (Australia) Pty Ltd (AIFS), which has been providing cultural exchange programs all over the world to help young people better understand others, their similarities, and their differences. The Camp America program is unique and unlike that of any other summer camp experience. Australian students and non-students can travel on the trip of a lifetime and get to experience the American Dream firsthand.

The Camp America Program

There is nothing like the Camp America experience. It is truly the best of working holidays for Australian students ages 18 to 26. More than 200,000 young people from around the world have taken the Camp America experience. If chosen, you will spend nine weeks working at a summer camp in the USA. There are around 12,000 different summer camps across the United States that some 11 million children and adults will attend. That means that there are plenty of camps from which to choose. While the time spent at camp mentoring young people is rewarding, you also will get to travel in the USA for an amazing overall experience.

Working Holidays For Australian Non-Students Too

Students and non-students alike on acceptance into the Camp America program need to understand the details of the program. Included in your excursion to the states are all of your food, accommodations, and, in most cases, your laundry. You will be fully insured as well for the entire length of your stay. A J-1 visa is required and Camp America will serve as your sponsor. Participants in the program do have to pay their airfare to and from Australia, but get to experience America like no one else. After their nine weeks of summer camp work is over, the J-1 visa expires but Camp America counsellors have 30 days where they can freely travel throughout the entire USA. Explore the country and visit such landmarks as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and more. Camp America counsellors can book all of their travel plans in the states through Camp America Treks and save a lot. This travel time really allows Australians to see the real America.

Daily Camp Life

Before you set off to explore America, you will serve as a camp counsellor - or possibly an Advanced Skills Counsellor - for nine weeks at a summer camp. As a counsellor, you will perform a variety of tasks including keeping your campers safe and making sure they are engaged in the activities that are provided. You will have to make sure your campers make it to their meals and are in bed at the appropriate times. You may also find yourself on a tennis court, water skiing, helping with a pottery lesson, and much more. Every day is different and part of the rich, Camp America experience.

To learn more about this amazing opportunity, visit the Camp America website, today.