Working Holidays In The USA With Camp America

Live, work, and play in the USA with Camp America. The organisation, which is part of The American Institute of Foreign Study (Australia) Pty Ltd (AIFS), offers Australian young adults ages 18-26 the opportunity to enjoy working holidays in America. AIFS has been providing young people from all over the world the opportunity to take part in cultural exchanges in an effort to learn more about others. The Camp America program has been running since 1969 and has helped over 200,000 young people from across the globe to travel and work at summer camps in the USA. You can live your own American Dream on this once in a lifetime journey.

The Camp America Program

It is the longest running USA summer camp in Australia and attracts numerous university students as well as non-students each and every year. Those who are selected travel to the United States and spend nine weeks working at a summer camp. There are roughly 11 million children and adults who travel to a summer camp in America each year. Camp America participants get the opportunity to care for children all while living in the USA. There are thousands of different camps from which to choose.

Applicants who are chosen will become camp counsellors and will take part in a variety of activities. They will be responsible for their children, throughout each day and night. On any given day, a counsellor may have to teach swim lessons, make sure campers get to their meals, entertain at a camp fire, and much more. Some counsellors will become Advanced Skills Counsellors because of special skills they possess, such as teaching swimming lessons. If you have any skills such as archery, riflery, tennis, or mountain biking for example, you could become an Advanced Skills Counsellor.

My Working Holidays In The USA - The Details

If Camp America sounds like the adventure you are searching for, make sure you understand the details. First, all of your meals and accommodations are included. In most cases, even your laundry will be taken care of, and you are fully insured for your entire stay in the USA. You will need a J-1 visa and a sponsor. Camp America will help you to obtain the visa and will also serve as a sponsor. You are responsible for your flight to and from Australia and once your nine weeks is over, you are given 30 days to go and explore the United States. See all of the sights that you always wanted to see like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Grand Canyon, and Disney World. The travel is one of the big attractions to the Camp America program.

Other Programs

There are other programs offered by AIFS including Au Pair in America, which is a female-only program. There are also programs where young people can be immersed into a culture for up to three months for a truly unique experience. For working holidays America, the Camp America program is it. To learn more about it and how to apply, visit the organisation's website,