Humans Of Camp America- Claudine

Oct. 31, 2017, 11:39 a.m. by Editor

What camp type was yours/what was your favourite thing about your camp type?

My name is Claudine and I went to a Girl Scout Camp in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It's called Camp Waisu II. Going to a Girl Scout camp was one of the most life changing experiences of my life. I had never really considered the influence of men on my life, but being in a girl-only setting allowed my leadership skills to flourish, and of course allowed the girls in my care to see female role models in action!

It was completely unique, because we had to do everything at the camp. I drove the camp bus, I unpacked and packed cars, I cooked, I cleaned, I did every single job on camp. There was no such thing as gendered roles, and this was extremely empowering!

At Camp Waisu II, we did a lot of scouty activities. We hiked, we built fires and shelters, we canoed, we did paddleboarding, we made friendship bracelets, and of course a lot of tye-dye!

The girls looked up to us as role models. Women who were comfortable in themselves, who wore no make up, who could wear their pants really high for fun, who would have tall socks on Tuesdays, who would listen to everything they had to say, who would jump in the pool at 7am, and who would above all display strong, independent women who can and will change the world with their positivity.