Camp America 2020...

Returning to Camp?

Camp America 2020 applications are open.

As a Camp America returner, you can also enjoy privileges such as:

  • No fees will be charged to your camp other than $35 for your SEVIS fee – so your director will love you and you’ll get your full pocket money!
  • Negotiating your own pocket money directly with your camp. Make sure you do this before you leave so you know exactly what pay you will be getting at the end of camp!
  • If you’re returning to the same camp you don’t need an interview
  • Your application is saved on our system, so you don’t have to complete it again

What does it cost?

Camp America offers the lowest returner rates in Australia! So, not only are you going back to camp with the best, you are also saving money too.

We are always honest and upfront about the costs to get you to camp, unlike other companies. So, for just a fraction of the cost you can return to camp and what’s more, agree with your camp director on the pocket money you will receive. If you’d like to try a different camp, you’ll need to organise an interview and pay a slightly higher program fee.

Please note in addition to the programme fee all returners are required to complete a new Federal Police Check.

For all Fees and third-party costs please visit Costs here.

Can I just apply and get my old job at camp?

Please make sure to speak with your Camp Director before applying in order to confirm that they have a role for you at camp this upcoming summer. Once you have a confirmation, you are more than welcome to apply.

What is the Submit to Office button in the online application?

Once you have completed enough of the online application you will be required to click on the "Submit to Office" button. Your application will not move on to the next stage without completing this step.

Do I need to apply for another Police Check?

Yes, Camp America requires a new Australian Federal Police certificate for every season you are participating in the program. The certificate should be dated from August (of the year before going back to camp) onward. It must be mailed to our office in Sydney (PO Box 1319, Darlinghurst, NSW 1300).

Do I need to complete a Medical Form?

Yes, Camp America requires a Medical Form to be completed prior to beginning the cultural exchange visa application. Make sure to submit this early in order to not delay the visa process. You can find the Medical Form in the Download Centre or click here.

Will I need to submit references, activity photos, and a video again? 

No, you have already been vetted for camp. So, you just need to submit your discounted returner payments, an AFP check and the Medical Form.

Should I attend another appointment at the US Consulate or Embassy?

Due to changes we have observed with the US State Department, you will more than likely need to attend another in-person appointment at your nearest US Consulate or Embassy in order to obtain your cultural exchange visa. 

We do not recommend using the mail-in option as many returning applicants have been called in for face-to-face interviews resulting in delays or issues obtaining their visa.

Want to try something new?

If you’d like to try a different camp, that's alright! We can help organise another awesome summer camp experience.

First, you will need to contact your previous Camp Director for a positive recommendation. Make sure that the recommendation is sent to the Camp America office in Sydney, AUS or Stamford, Connecticut for approval.

Then you'll need to book an interview with a Camp America representative in Australia.

Keep in mind that you will also need a new Australian Federal Police check, medical form and two references.

Are you a Returner who is new to Camp America?

Haven’t been to camp with Camp America before? Don’t worry we’re happy to accept participants from other organisations. Simply create your profile through our online application site and get in touch with us via email or call 1300 889 067.

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